‘Someone New’ is an airy, atmospheric breakup ballad that examines romantic wreckage from both sides of the split.
— Robert Crawford, ROLLING STONE
LA dwellers Mara Connor and Langhorne Slim each take their stances on a lovelorn duet. As Mara grapples with her heartbreak, Langhorne hopes she can find a way to mend on ‘Someone New.’
— Ariana Morgenstern, KCRW
Connor’s character is wrestling with her heartbreak...Langhorne’s is sorrowfully wishing she can find a way to move on.
‘Someone New,’ seizes the moment when you run into an ex who has moved on. The song features Langhorne Slim, and it’s a beautiful duet in the great tradition of beautiful duets: a conversation you get to overhear.
— Kevin Bronson, BUZZBANDS


Southern California singer-songwriter Mara Connor pays tribute to her roots with her delightfully bright debut single, ‘No Fun.’ Connor recorded the track in Nashville, and tinges of country blend seamlessly with Sixties and Seventies beach-pop here. It’s a promising sign for this newcomer, and all that retro flavor never stops this song from sounding like right now.
— Brittany Spanos, ROLLING STONE
If you didn’t know singer-songwriter Mara Connor hailed from Los Angeles, the breezily glum sound of her debut single ‘No Fun’ would be a giveaway. Playing brightly deliberate strumming and briskly grand strings against Connor’s bell-clear voice, ‘No Fun’ is a portrait of resolve masking anticipated rejection.
— Maura Johnston, ROLLING STONE
‘No Fun’ is also an elegant charmer - Connor’s drawn-out, yet lucid vocals are set against a majestic string arrangement and gleaming jangly guitars, wrapped around a melody that a band like Big Star could’ve written in their more tender moments.
— Juan Rodriguez, THE DELI
‘No Fun’ is the heart-melting introduction to her debut album, arriving in 2019. ‘No Fun’ is the title track, strings-swept and swoon-worthy, a confessional that’s equal parts girl-group pop and ’70s AM radio finery, her buttery voice somewhere between Allie Crow Buckley and Lana Del Rey.“As for the song that landed at No. 1, Mara Connor’s ‘No Fun,’ I thought ‘stone cold classic pop song’ the first time I listened to it. And I thought ‘stone cold classic pop song’ the 100th time I listened to it...strings-swept and swoon-worthy, a confessional that’s equal parts girl-group pop and ’70s AM radio finery, her buttery voice somewhere between Allie Crow Buckley and Lana Del Rey.”
— Kevin Bronson, BUZZBANDS (Favorite Song of 2018)
The Los Angeles-based singer got the call to play the festival two weeks ago, and dove right in. Connor has only one song available on Spotify, but it’s a good one, and she’s got a bunch more that she showcased in the first of a handful of sets in Austin. She demonstrated poise and a clear voice...and helpfully brought along her own homemade promo that she handed out at each gig.
— Greg Kot, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE (12 Best Up-And-Coming Artists at SXSW)
Despite its title, you will greatly enjoy the new single from Mara Connor. This marks the LA-based artist’s debut, ahead of an album that she has been working on with Langhorne Slim and Joseph Arthur. If it’s anything like the lead track, it will be a moody record with emphatic lyrics and overlapping melodies.
— Zöe Elaine, THE 405